The Edward Boss Prado Foundation History

The Edward Boss Prado Foundation (the Foundation) was established in 2013 by Gary and Cecelia Ponzini as a legacy to Cecelia’s son, Edward Boss Prado, who died at the young age of 29. As a child, Edward was a good neighbor. He was sensitive to the needs of others and quick to offer help. For example, as a child he noticed that a young boy often came to school hungry and without a lunch so he asked his mother to prepare an extra lunch bag for this youngster. Thus, the Edward Boss Prado Foundation is built on Edward’s values of generosity, sensitivity, and of good neighbors.


The Edward Boss Prado Foundation Mission

The mission of the Edward Boss Prado Foundation is to work with relentless passion to empower people who are in need with resources that foster dignity and respect. Established in 2013, the Foundation initially served the city of Morgan Hill and the boundary of the Morgan Hill Unified School District which includes two (2) schools in South San Jose to the north and extends to San Martin at the southern boundary. In 2015, the Foundation began serving additional schools in Gilroy. This Strategic Plan envisions the entire South Santa Clara County area as the Foundation’s service area.